Part 2 – Half Again

I could’ve squeezed this stuff into the last video (Demi-Glace Part 1),
but it was already too long, and I didn’t want to rush through what’s just as
important information. Plus, I really wanted to show some more gelatinized sauce
slapping. People really seem to enjoy that, maybe a little too much.

Once you go through all the trouble of making homemade
demi-glace, you’ll want to make sure you portion and store it properly, so that
it provides you with many months of stellar sauces. 

As seen in the video, you
should get 16 nice blocks, each enough for about two servings,
depending on the sauce. As amazing as this stuff is when used as a simple pan sauce,
stay tuned for a few proper demi-based sauces at some point. I’ve always wanted
to do a bordelaise sauce, and now we can. 

Besides using this for sauces, you can also throw a block into braised
dishes like short ribs, or coq au vin, and you take something already pretty
great, and make it truly memorable. I hope you give homemade demi-glace a try
soon. Enjoy!

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